Corporate Espionage Counter Measures

We live in a world where corporate espionage is at an all-time high and nearly every corporation and business is at risk. Individuals, corporations, and countries throughout the world are using tech-savvy criminals to obtain private corporate data. Most corporate spies go unnoticed until a security breach has been detected. Listening devices, known as bugs, and phone taps can be planted to listen in on private executive conversations and can easily go unnoticed.

When traveling abroad, corporate executives can be easy targets for corporate espionage. When sensitive information is being discussed you want an experienced security team you can count on. Traveling Aware is the leaders in travel security, specializing in corporate espionage countermeasures.

Traveling Aware will take extreme measures to ensure the safety and security of your corporate intelligence and employees. Traveling Aware agents will discretely transport key employees from the airport to the meeting location. Traveling Aware uses advanced electronic equipment to ensure that all executive meeting locations are free of listening devices.

Corporate espionage and trade secret theft continues to destroy corporations each year. The success of your company may depend on how well you safeguard your trade secrets and proprietary technology. When the stakes are high, you can count on Traveling Aware to protect your most valuable information. To learn more about Corporate Espionage call 1800.745.0691

Corporate Espionage Countermeasures Include:

Security Vulnerability Assessment– All possible risks and threats will be determined and an action plan established.

Surveillance– All communications and infrastructure will be monitored using high-grade technology.

Ground Surveillance– Agents will be discreetly positioned around the grounds should a hostile situation occur.

Bug Sweep– Advance electronic equipment will be used to conduct a thorough sweep of the grounds prior to the meeting.

Electronic Countermeasures