-: Sep 26, 2016 / JuJuB

Do You Really Need to Do That?

For many travelers that use their computers in a hotel or their cell phone to communicate, consider the fact that You’re Hacked! This is even a larger issue if you are traveling overseas. Although the use of our coveted mobile devices can keep us in touch while away, the risk of these devices being exploited greatly increases each time we logon. If you have a good IT section within your company, request a loaner phone and laptop to take on the travel mission. If these are configured correctly it may protect your communication from field to headquarters and also if they come up missing, no usable data would be attached. The phone and computer are shut down and some potential is eliminated. Malware is however vicious, and should the loaner computer be contaminated it could affect the company main server.

There are ways to stop this, and contact with a quality Risk Mitigation company can assist you well.

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