Executive Protection

Corporate executives are targets. They can be Wall Street bankers with access to financial accounts or executives with proprietary technology information that others can’t wait to get their hands on. Maybe they work in the front office of a professional sports team and carrying around the secret club playbook. All of these executives might even have ruthless enemies who want nothing but to kidnap them for financial gain.

Corporate executives can be spotted easily in airports because they are the ones wearing expensive suits and carrying briefcases. Even traveling in First or Business Class or having a car service waiting for them is a tip off that this is a person of importance and possible wealth. All of this can make the executive the target of a kidnapper, especially when traveling internationally to high-risk countries.

Traveling Aware provides door to door executive protection as well as instruction on techniques and strategies to potentially prevent a kidnapping and save your own life. We can provide protection for any high-level executive, both domestically and internationally. (A line or two of background information should go here to show you know what you’re doing.)

Think your executive doesn’t need our protection? Think again. We have infiltrated company meetings where we mingled with current employees and by the time the evening was done, we innocently uncovered enough of sensitive information on the company and the executives to do significant damage.

In this unsafe world, you need a security expert to make sure that your executive arrives safely to the next destination. You need us — Traveling Aware.