Global Travel Security

Depending on where you travel the globe, you have a risk of being kidnapped. The United States State Department has reported that since 2011 there has been a 300% increase in kidnappings, especially in Mexico, Pakistan, Venezuela and Libya. In Mexico alone, there have been 1583 kidnappings as of 2013, but it is estimated that 99% of them go unreported. Many of these abductions take place at ATMs where the burglars have immediate access to your money.

It’s scary times, but there is no need to cancel or change your plans. Instead, you should contact Traveling Aware, who can teach you the strategies you need to know to be safe no matter what your destination. We provide training classes where you will learn what to do, and not do, before your trip, while in transit, and at your destination.

Traveling Aware has also expanded its services to include Executive Protection as well as strategies to Counter Corporate Espionage. Not only do you want to protect your finances when you’re traveling, but you also want to guard your trade secrets and your proprietary technology. Espionage is a serious threat to your company, especially when you are on a foreign land. It might sound like it is the storyline for the newest James Bond movie, but it isn’t.

Traveling abroad comes with serious risks, especially for executives, employees, and their families, where there is a high risk of kidnapping for ransom and corporate espionage. Your safety is our job, so make sure you contact us before you take off on your next venture.