-: Sep 26, 2016 / JuJuB

Let’s Get Prepared for the “What If” During Travel Game

Should we really be playing the “What if Game” with travel?

We know there are many concerns when traveling, especially when you’re planning a trip abroad. With recent events, travelers have become even more cautions and curious about a their “plan b”. We applaud them.

The truth is, we play the what if game ever single day. For example, every time we travel down the street, we’re playing the what if game. This is why when we get behind the wheel, we buckle our seatbelts, obey traffic laws, and drive the speed limit. We know that we could be involved in an accident, however we have prepared ourselves and set out on our journey.

In any situation, the key to winning the what if game is being prepared. This is no different when traveling. We must be as prepared as possible, for any situation that may arise. So ask yourself, are you ready for the what if game? If the answer is no, or you are unsure, we need to talk.

We recently discussed risk with a client and their response was, “No problem, as I don’t worry about the what ifs or the scares. Only scare is my fiancé in the military. That’s all, other than that I live in the future and what God has for me. If he says its time its time.” And while we agree, to some point, we believe that God also gives us the tools to protect ourselves from many things. Not to get too preachy, but why would we ignore the intelligence that God gave us? Why would we blindly put ourselves in danger when we know that there are measures available that would protect us?

Just as you may rush to the grocery store in preparation of a snow storm, it is our nature to want to be prepared for anything out of our control. Do you run south when the forecast calls for winter weather, or do you simply stock up on bread, milk and eggs?

So how do you prepare for the what if game while traveling? We suggest contacting an experienced travel agent. Not only can they help with all of the basic travel details, they can help prepare you for the least expected events while you’re away.

There are options available to you to not only protect your financial investment, but also to offer protection should, God forbid, something unexpected happen while you’re away. We suggest going beyond basic travel insurance. Ask about Global Rescue. Not only would this protection help get you away from immediate danger (think political uprising or natural disaster) but also medical concierge/evacuation coverage, should you need medical attention for any reason. (Think beyond threats for this, as we’re often a threat to ourselves after a few cocktails.)

We also recommend taking the Save Travel Course by Traveling Aware. Nothing gives you peace of mind quite like being prepared. Education is always the best way to help prevent a bad situation. You cannot prepare for what you don’t know.

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