Safe Travel Training

Traveling Aware offers a complete Safe Travel Training Course that teaches travelers valuable tips and techniques on how to stay safe while traveling in the states or abroad. Traveling Aware offers personalized training based on the traveler’s destination and planned activities. Safe Travel Training is perfect for all travelers and can be conducted at any convenient location.

Safe Travel Training courses are designed to guide travelers through the key stages of traveling.

  1. What should be done before you travel.
  2. What precautions should be taken to minimize personal risk while in transit.
  3. How to increase your safety in a foreign country.

Whether traveling for leisure or business your safety and security can be at risk. Traveling Aware will prepare travelers for the worst cast situation. Learn how to handle medical emergencies, robberies and how to survive an abduction.

Our Mission is to provide safe traveling strategies and techniques to enable you to travel with confidence.

Alarming Statistics

Did you know that wealthy executives and their families are not the only targets? Organized crime groups now target the middle class in an attempt to expand the number of potential targets. Kidnappers will target a greater number of people and demand a lower ransom amount. Between December 2012 and February 2014, there were 4,051 kidnapping reported to the criminal justice programs in Mexico. While 2,922 victims were released, 1,129 victims still remain captured.

Before You Go

Traveling Aware will teach travelers crucial steps to take before leaving home. When traveling to a foreign country it is important to understand the laws and regulations of that region. Traveling Aware teaches travelers how to inform the US Embassy or Consulate of their arrival and what information to leave with a friend or family member. When traveling to another country it is important to be prepared for the worst case scenario, your life may depend on it.

Before You Go Overview: 

  1. Throw Away Wallet
  2. Security Pouch
  3. Emergency Escape Bag
  4. Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
  5. Alert Code
  6. Packing Tips
  7. Transportation and Hotel Pre-Planning Tips
  8. Medical and Health Insurance
  9. Business Traveler Requirements

Traveling Aware Will Help You Prepare for the Worst and Plan for the Best!

Before you plan your next family vacation, class trip or business trip schedule your Safe Travel Training Course! Online classes will be available soon!

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Situational Awareness While in Transit

security travel training

Traveling Aware will teach effective techniques that will heighten your situational awareness while at the airport and on the aircraft. Situational awareness is defined as the unrelenting sense of what transpires in one’s environment. Your safety depends on your awareness!

In Transit Overview:

  1. Situational Awareness
  2. Distraction and Diversion
  3. Safety at the Airport and in the Air
  4. Hard Target vs. Soft Target
  5. Mindset of a Criminal
  6. Types of Surveillance
  7. Surveillance Detection Techniques
  8. How to Defeat Surveillance

In Country Precautions

Travelers face many possible risks and threats when entering a foreign country. Traveling Aware will provide valuable tips and techniques that will prevent you from being a target of organized crime.

In Country Overview:

  1. Distraction and Diversions Used by Scam Artists
  2. Hotel Check-In Steps
  3. Hotel Floor Layout and Emergency Exits
  4. Food, Drinks, Drugs
  5. What the Department of State (DOS) Can and Can’t Do for You
check in safety accommodations