Security Vulnerability Assessments

A Modern Approach to Effective Risk Management.

Is your organization and infrastructure prepared for the possible threats of terrorism, corporate espionage, or workplace violence? Traveling Aware provides comprehensive Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA) that predict, prevent and control threats to your establishment. Securing your organization is our top priority. Even the most secure organization is likely to have many unknown vulnerabilities.

When the possibility of danger threatens your establishment you want an experienced, knowledgeable security team with a proven track record of success. All Traveling Aware members have held high-ranking positions within the military, Special Operations and Intelligence Communities, conducted Fire and Explosion Investigations, provided Bomb Threat Management and effectively secured thousands of establishments all over the world.

The Explosive Vulnerability Assessment is a key component in the Security Vulnerability Assessment due to high-risk factors that international corporations face. Agents have conducted global Security Vulnerability Assessments for large corporate campuses, stadiums, universities, and American schools in foreign countries and have an exceptional understanding of all global threats and potential risks. Agents have conducted Security Vulnerability Assessments in some of the highest-risk countries in the world such as Pakistan, Philippines, Colombia, India, Nigeria, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Effective Security Starts with an Extensive Vulnerability Assessment

A superior Security Vulnerability Assessment provided by Traveling Aware begins with determining all vulnerabilities. An action plan is developed after a clear understanding of all possible risks and threats is established. An action plan, when implemented, protects your company assets, identifies areas of security risk while providing solutions that addresses those risks.

Protect Your Company’s Most Valuable Assets.

Traveling Aware provides clients all over the world with superior security services and effective risk management solutions. When your most valuable assets are at risk, let the experts secure them! To learn more about how a Security Vulnerability Assessment will protect your establishment, please contact Traveling Aware at 1800.745.0691 to speak to a team member!

Do you know the risks your company faces?

How A Security Vulnerability Assessments is Developed:

  • Identify possible threats based on location and areas of exposure.
  • Determine the level of risk: Hard Target vs. Soft Target
  • Interview staff members and key employees to gain insight on business policies and procedures.
  • Compile a complete list of attendees.
  • Conduct a thorough background check on suspicious guests.
  • Develop solutions that address those risks.
  • High- grade technology is used to monitor all arrivals and departures.
  • Armed and unarmed agents are dispersed throughout the facility.