-: Sep 26, 2016 / JuJuB

Today’s World of Executive Protection

Executive Protection evokes many concepts of what is or should be taking place in a corporate, diplomatic, or meeting location. The question always is; do I really need this? The answer is; do you have something that someone or some organization wants? Intellectual property, processes, control of a company or kidnap for profit. All things are a consideration if you are a leader in your field.

One example of the need was the meeting of a buyer and seller of rare stamps. The stamp was Revolutionary War vintage, to me priceless. However the seller contacted us for the protective escort of the stamp to an airport. The buyer was to arrive by private aircraft at a specified time. The exchange and exit of the rare stamp taking 15 minutes. Back on the aircraft and off.

A perfect need for executive protection and asset protection as I’m sure the cash was in the millions for the exchange.

Your need may not be this priceless piece of history; however your intellectual property is worth the time to engage a quality protective agency for the safety of all. If you were lost to a kidnapping or worse, what would happen to your company, family and those that depend on you?

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