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Traveling Aware offers superior Global Security Solutions to individuals and corporations worldwide. We understand that every client requires a different levels of security, that is why we develop unique security packages that meet the needs of every client.

Traveling Aware provides superior Executive Protection, Global Travel Security, Security Vulnerability Assessments, Corporate Espionage Countermeasures, Meeting Security Planning, Destination Security Analysis, Data Encryption Services, and Global Rescue.

Learn How to Travel Safe with the World’s Leaders in Safe Travel Training!

Safe Travel Training Courses teach travelers how to stay safe while traveling in the states or abroad. Since potential threats and risks may vary depending on the clients travel destination and planned activities, Traveling Aware offers unique custom training courses. Our Safe Travel Training courses are taught by highly skilled military vets. Learn how to handle medical emergencies, robberies and how to survive an abduction.

Learn How to Stay Safe During the Key Stages of Travel:

  1. What should be done before you travel.
  2. What precautions should be taken to minimize personal risk while in transit.
  3. How to increase your safety in a foreign country.

*Our Instructor’s will come to you! Safe Travel Training courses are conducted at any convenient location!

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Hire Security for Your Next Event! Expert Event Security Services.

Traveling Aware provides armed and unarmed security guards for any sized venue. All agents are highly trained, licensed and insured. Traveling Aware will conduct a Security Vulnerability Assessment to identify any potential threats and develop an action plan to prevent them. Before you book your next special event, content Traveling Aware offers comprehensive, cost-effective Special Events Security Programs for public and private events.

  • Conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Political Gatherings
  • Conferences
  • Charity Events
  • Corporate Parties

What We Offer

Cost - Effective Contract Corporate Security Solutions

Traveling Aware provides exceptional customized security protection for corporate executives, government politicians, diplomats, high-level executives and their families. Armed or un-armed agents can be dispatched to your place of business, residence and global travel locations.


Why Choose


  • Executive Protection
  • Global Travel Security
  • Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Corporate Espionage Countermeasures
  • Meeting Security Planning
  • Destination Security Analysis
  • Thin Air Data Encryption Services
  • Global Rescue


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